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Awards and Acknowledgements

Certex stands apart through its involvement and commitment to the community, year after year. Several awards and acknowledgements were won by Certex for achievements in various programs such as Innovation in Health & Safety, Community Economics Enterprise, Human Resources, Social Economy Enterprises, etc.

  • 2012
      • Certex won the Excellence Award in the Community Economics Enterprise category from the Longueuil Business Person’s Association / Rive-Sud Express weekly newspaper.
      • Certex won the Excellence Award from the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Human Resource Development category.
  • 2011
      • Certex won the Regional Innovation Award for Health & Safety from the Quebec Workplace Health & Safety Commission (SST).
      • Certex received an Acknowledgement during the annual Desjardins Prizes in the Community Economic Development category.
  • 2009
      • Certex won the Grand Prix as Entrepreneur from Ernst & Young.
      • Certex received from Financial Counselling for Small and Medium-Sized Business (Financement Conseils et PME) an Emeritus Acknowledgement in the Community Economics category.
  • 2008
      • Certex was a finalist for the Excellence Award from the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Human Resource Management category.
  • 2006
      • Certex won the Corporate Cultural Diversity Prize, awarded by the South Shore International Centre in Brossard (Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud).
  • 2005
      • Certex won the Favourite’s Award (Coup de cœur) of all the François Robert Prizes awarded to AGASH (the St. Hubert Business Person’s Association) in the previous 15 years.
  • 2004
      • Certex was a finalist for the François Robert Prize awarded by AGASH, in the Pursuit of Excellence category.
  • 1999
      • The Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks awarded Certex the Phénix Award of Entrepreneurship in Recycling for “The leadership it demonstrated in its recuperation, handling and textile reinsertion activities in industry markets and for the appropriateness of its social mission.” 
  • 1997
      • When Certex was called the Greater Montreal Centre for Clothing Recuperation and Recycling, the organization received the François Robert Prize awarded by the St. Hubert Business Person’s Association (AGASH) as the community enterprise of the year.